Who is behind this site and the blog From Words to Images? I’m Candie and I’m giving you a better idea of who I am below.

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My story

In order for you to have a better idea of the person behind this site and the different projects highlighted, I’m going to introduce myself…

My name is Candie, I was born and raised in southeastern France and I have a dual French and Canadian citizenship. I have always been close to nature and a great “defender” of the environment. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t 10 years old when I was annoying everyone around me about water saving (not letting the water run unnecessarily when brushing our teeth and not staying too long in the shower) and, with my mother and brother, we had participated in waste collections in the area where we lived. At the age of 14, I started to write, first some short stories, poems and songs and later screenplays.

My high school education went towards a scientific and technological “baccalaureat” in the agriculture and environmental field, but the percentage of agriculture was way more important than the ecology and mainly focused on cattle breeding. I was really unable to take any interest in it and I dreamed during these years of travel, wide open spaces, discoveries and personal growth.

After high school, at the age of 18, I went to England for a year to learn English and it was during that same year that I learned screenwriting by myself. Then I went to film and television school in Canada, to learn what I couldn’t learn alone and this experience allowed me to discover documentary production and additional video editing. Wanting to further deepen my learning of screenwriting, I then went to Los Angeles to learn television and film acting so that I could write the scripts with the vision that an actor can have when apprehending a role. This has been very beneficial for my writing skills. After living 10 months in Los Angeles, I moved to Toronto where I participated in screenwriters’ meetings to be able to learn more and with new people. I have never stopped perfecting myself during these years, but the film industry remains a difficult environment to access and events in my life have made me change direction quite a bit.

Having never given up on writing, I now have a project to transform some of my scripts into novels. Moreover, since the end of 2016, I am the co-founder of a travel and hiking blog called “Les Géonautrices”. This blog has allowed me to combine several of my passions: writing, photography and video with travel, trekking, outdoor sports. Thanks to this blog I was able to have new perspectives on my professional future and today several projects are being set up.

Currently in France, I live in Rennes in Brittany. But I still have travel plans in France and Europe with Les Géonautrices. I am also fully available and mobile for all professional projects.

Feel free to contact me if you would like us to work together.

Optimism is, above all, a discovery we make step by step at certaim important moments in our lives.
- Roland Poupon

All that I can do for you

 🎞 Film production

  • Pre-production (concept study, story creation and video pre-production)
  • Making your video
  • Post-production (editing, SFX, VFX, etc.)
  • Encoding and delivery

 📜 Writing

  • Study of your needs
  • Writing your work
  • Delivery of texts
  • Possibility of revisions

I offer my content creation services in web writing specializing in outdoor sports, ecology and travel, but also videography (shooting, editing) and photography (shooting, retouching) services.

Do you need my services?

If you are a player in tourism or if you work for outdoor activities or equipment companies, find my travel and hiking blog: Les Géonautrices. We can work together…

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