To have projects is to live! (This is my saying 😉).

My philosophy is to get involved in projects that are close to my heart to move grow, learn, discover and then share experiences and ideas with people that are interested.

I love the euphoria of new ideas and I always enjoy launching and setting up projects that will challenge me, allow me to learn and grow. Without projects, routine settles in and life tarnishes.

Let’s create and realize projects!

Écriture livre

Living Argentina

– Ongoing project –

I am writing the story of my nine-month trip to Argentina. Discoveries and encounters, experiences and personal growth.

An intense and incredible journey to discover this land of contrasts!

Défi bonheur aventure

Challenge, happiness, adventure

– Ongoing project –

A series of “mini” projects that we are currently implementing with Les Géonautrices.

Highlighting destinations, nature and ecology in the context of physical challenges.


Men's footprint

– Ongoing project –

Film production in Nepal about the impact of mass tourism and my adventure during this 13 days trek in the Himalayas.

Trek et shooting : April/May 2019
Editing : In progress

"First Trekking Reflexes"

– Ongoing project –

In partnership with the editor Fleurus/Vagnon, Enora (Les Géonautrices) and I wrote a book on the first reflexes to have when trekking.

Immerse yourself in the world of trekking, learn how to prepare yourself before the big start and how to manage well once on the trails.

Book in french.


Scars from the desert

– Project completed –
Looking for producers

Full script on a dramatic and psychological subject.

Logline :

After a tour in Afghanistan, Joey returned to France. But returning to “normal” life is very difficult for her because the post-traumatic stress caused by the events she has experienced abroad prevents her from finding herself and connecting with her loved ones.

Script in english.
#lgbt #military #home #ptsd


Listening from Nepal

– Project to be carried out –

Production of a series of podcasts related to my stay in Nepal and my documentary. These podcasts will be available on my website.

Subjects :

🔸 Ecology in Nepal
🔸 The trek of the 3 passes
🔸Interview of hikers during the trek

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