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Writing begins where talking stops, and it is a great mystery that this passage from the unspeakable to the speakable.
- Amélie Nothomb

Why work with a freelance writer?

Writing is a profession on its own, whether for the web (SEO), magazines or traditional and diverse communication media as well as screenwriting.

Choosing a freelance writer to write your blog, webzine or website content means making sure you work with someone who knows SEO. Indeed, a writer will work in such a way as to make your site go up in the searches of Internet users by choosing and correctly positioning the right keywords in the texts. But it also means making sure you have a collaborator who brings a fresh and professional look to your texts and working with a reliable person who is able to take care of the animation of your media over the long term.

What are my writing services?

I can provide you with my services in writing for the web, but also in screenwriting and translation. My different life experiences have allowed me to perfect my skills in several areas that I now master professionally.

  • Writing content optimized for SEO for your blog, webzine and website texts
  • Proofreading and rewriting of your existing texts
  • Correction of your various texts, novels and scripts for short or feature films
  • Writing short film scripts
  • Writing magazine content
  • Translation of your various texts, novels and short or feature films from French into English and from English into French


We will discuss together the details necessary for the successful implementation of the drafting work you need for your materials.


I am working on the draft of the requested work with all the points we studied together beforehand.


I come back to you with the written documents, you give me your feedback on them. I can rewrite them, if necessary, to give you complete satisfaction.

Why should you trust me?

Passionate about writing since I was a teenager, it has been almost 10 years since I decided it would become my job.

By combining my passion for film and writing, I studied screenwriting, first as a self-taught student and then in a film and television school in Quebec City.

Today, I write in a broader way because I dedicate myself to writing novels from my previous scripts, writing two books on my one-year experience in Latin America as well as writing websites on my travel and outdoor blog: Les Géonautrices.

I now offer my services as a freelance writer specializing in outdoor sports, tourism and ecology (zero waste, DIY, vegetarian and healthy cuisine, etc.).

Also speaking three languages, I offer my translation services from English to French and from French to English as well as from Spanish to French for your novels or scripts and texts (depending on the subject).

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