Poetry reveals the vision of the soul and photography the soul of the vision.
- Monique Moreau

Why work with a freelance photographer?

A photographer is an image specialist, which is more complex than simply pressing the shutter release button to take the picture.

A freelance photographer can work on different assignments, he knows how to adapt to his environment (light, weather conditions, etc.) and will take care of the post-production of the images himself to deliver quality work to his clients.

What are my services as a photographer?

Are you a travel or outdoor sports agency, a tourist office or a brand? Are you looking for pictures highlighting your offers and products? I can help you:

  • Tourism photography for your websites, blogs and promotional brochures
  • Outdoor sports photography for your websites, blogs and promotional brochures
  • Photograph of outdoor sports equipment taken in condition
  • Event photography
  • Architecture photography for your websites or blogs
  • Photography for your catalogues and magazines
  • Photography for brochures, flyers and press kits
  • Animal photography
  • Photography for ecological and social associations

You are a private individual and you need a freelance photographer for a private event? Please contact me.

Why should you trust me?

Having had a father who was passionate about photography, I developed an interest in the subject through his eyes and gradually developed my own desire to take pictures and my own photographic style.

I perfected my skills thanks to a few books and blogs as well as the filmmaking training I received in Quebec City.

It’s been during my travels that I took more and more pleasure in photography and that I perfected myself.

Today I offer you my services in photography. If you want to see my work, I invite you to visit my portfolio, my personal Instagram account: Candie_Visuals, and the Instagram account: Les Géonautrices, account from my travel and outdoor blog.

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