Life is just a video to which you have to apply the right filter.
- Christopher Jacky

Why work with a freelance filmmaker?

My objective is to allow you to promote your services and products in a dynamic and engaging way through video!

Working with a freelance filmmaker means working with a professional who knows how to adapt to his environment and the tools at his disposal to produce quality videos for his clients.

What are my filmmaking services?

  • Video production for outdoor sports companies (company promotion, product promotion, etc.)
  • Video production for tourist offices and destinations
  • Video production for eco-responsible travel agencies
  • Production of videos for associations (ecology, animal protection, etc.)
  • Production of documentaries and reports on the subjects of ecology, zero waste, nature, outdoor sports and outdoor sports, etc.
  • Editing your videos with rushes already shot that you provide

You are a private individual and you want a video for your private events? Contact me, can discuss it.


You tell me about your project, your ideas and your vision. I bring my expertise in storyteling, location research and video production.


I create the video about the concept we studied together and that was defined during the pre-production.


This is the editing phase, the moment to gather all the best shots of the production added to sound design as well as music and work on the grading to create the video you expect.


I deliver the video to you via WeTransfer and in BONUS, I can assist you in sharing it on your social networks.

Why should you trust me?

I developed my passion for videos at the same time as my passion for cinema during my teenage years.

I am now working on my own projects such as the documentary “Men’s footprint” that I shot during a 14-day trek on the trails of Nepal’s Everest region.

I also make videos on topics that interest me: responsible travel and travel, outdoor sports, ecology, etc. and you can watch them on my YouTube channel.

I like to engage in new projects and challenges and I am 100% dedicated to the projects I embark on.

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