How to find the subject of your screenplay?

How to find the subject of your screenplay?

Do you have an idea for a screenplay? But how do you turn this idea into a concrete subject? Through a few techniques, we will see how to find the subject of your story and develop it into a complete and structured screenplay.

How to determine the subject of your script?

Do you have your idea in mind? What is it? Who are you talking about? Would you be able to express this in one or two simple and clear sentences?
Knowing your subject is the starting point for writing your script and when you can express your subject in a few simple sentences or even in a simple LOGLINE, talking about actions and your characters, you should be able to get to the heart of your story and work on the structure.

  1. The characters – They are the ones who will move the story forward. You need to know who they are, where they come from, what they do in life, what happens to them at the beginning of the story to initiate the story, their reactions and actions and what will happen to them at the end.
  2. Events – What is going to happen that will put the characters in evolutionary situations? What? How? Where? When?
The more you know, the more you can communicate. – Syd Field. Click To Tweet

To write a screenplay (or any other story for that matter), you need to be able to immerse yourself in the events of your story and know your characters at your fingertips before you start the writing phase. As a screenwriter, it’s up to you to determine, from the very beginning of your project, how your story will evolve!

Research to deepen the subject of your screenplay

As Syd Field said in one of his many books, there are two types of research. The ones you can do via the internet, books and magazines, documentaries and so on. These are the researches that will allow you to deepen all the details related to your history (period, culture, existing professions, etc). Then there is research in the field, interview people who know the subject you are going to deal with, go to the places where you want your story to take place to soak up the atmosphere, etc.

One day I wanted to write a screenplay that was going to take place in the United States. I wasn’t living there at the time, but I sent an e-mail to a North Carolina state police force to get some information. A very nice person answered me with the information and wishing me good luck. I’m telling you this to encourage you, it’s an action that can be a little stressful, but explain your approach and your project and then ask your questions, there’s little chance that the door will be slammed in your face! 😉

The more you know, the more you can communicate.

Syd Field

Writing a screenplay is a great endeavour and a unique experience that allows us, as screenwriters, to learn and evolve along with the characters we create. Go for it, don’t be afraid, test yourself, but above all, know your subject to avoid writing in a void! 😉

Do you have any questions? Do you need more information to help you find the subject of your script? Feel free to comment on this article, I will answer you as soon as possible.

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